((posting this before i forget hey guys sorry i’ve been neglecting you))

OOC: hey guys guess what might be starting up again

now that there’s a new season i have more material to work off of and also summer is starting soon, so i might have time to start updating again! sorry i’ve been gone so long, junior year has been a bitch.

i’m going out of the country in about ten days, but i’ll probably draw stuff while i’m there and upload it if when i get back

thanks for sticking around, and i hope you guys enjoy what there is to come!

(also if you guys are missing my art you can find it over at thevaliantfanartist)

smooches guys you’re all lovely.

OOC: Still crazy busy

I’ve noticed that I’ve been losing a lot of followers on here, and I’m thinking it’s probably because I haven’t updated in a really long time.

And for that, I just want to say I’m extremely sorry, but I’m not doing well in one of my classes and have had to commit time to that rather than drawing.

I hope that over the Thanksgiving (which is in two weeks or so) I’ll be able to do several asks and build up a queue.

But for now, please just stick with me here because I promise I’ll be updating soon!

You’re all lovely!


this was the response i chose for the little thing i decided to do forever ago

not the best, but that’s what i get for going to school.

A little preview for the result of that little conditional open ask box thing from what seems like forever ago!

I’ll reveal which question/idea I chose to draw when I put it up officially, but for now you guys just get this.

Also i’m pretty sure I’ll end up doing the other suggestions I got too, eventually (they were all so great akjfdnsgkj). I’ll have a lot more free time in two weeks, so that’ll be awesome.

Also, since i never really got a chance to ask ever, what do you guys want to see on this blog? Like what sort of questions, art styles? Do you want quality over quantity or do you just want more sketches? :)

S: For me, it was probably the teenage hormones and the constantly getting pushed against walls. But he’s got some other pretty good qualities, I’ll give him that.

OOC: Ask Box Open!

Send me questions and I’ll draw a response for the one I like most!

Go on, do it!

Impress me!

OOC: so school is a horrible thing…

I started school last week, and i’ve been working on the sets for my school’s student-written play, and I haven’t been able to do ANYTHING for myself between homework and stage crew.

I’m really, really sorry, but hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to answer a few asks soon, but no promises.

Junior year is tough and unenjoyable and I apologize.


OOC: 700 followers?!?


why are you guys here

are you lost



more likes than reblogs on that most recent answer.

are you guys all afraid to show your perversion

for shame

scream your sexual frustration to the skies

S: He’s a lot louder in bed than you’d expect.